August 26, 2010

Update from Northern Michigan

Relax, we haven't moved again. I'm spending two weeks in Northern Michigan with the kids. We've been planning this trip for a while we just hadn't picked a time to do it. Two weeks ago I decided we'd come this week and next. My kids don't get to see my family very much anymore so here we are.

The kids are having a spectacular time. Connor, Chloe and Caedmon love their Grandma more than anything. We've done a myriad of activites. We've gone to several parks, gone for a drive, gone shopping, gone wading, and today we are headed off for yet another adventure. They've played outside every day for the past two days. They've colored with sidewalk chalk, they've played golf with a plastic golf set, they've ran around, dug in dirt, enjoyed ice cream, and a billion other things.

Our two weeks have just barely began and we have loads and loads of other things to do. We are going to the waterfall today, spending time with good friends next week, hopefully hitting the beach at least once, doing the big rummage sale this weekend, going for millions of walks, heading over to the library, thrifting in Petoskey, and many many more wonderous activites. It's been a flurry of fun. I can hardly believe two days have already flown past. Well it's getting close to 6 and I should really head to bed. No sleep won't let me keep up with my little ones.


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