November 23, 2010

Yet Another Move....

Surprised by the title? Shouldn't be I suppose. I think however (Cross my fingers) this is the last move for a very very long time. We have moved to Watseka, Illinois. We love our home. It's 3 fairly large bedrooms, a detached garage, huge yard, great porch, amazing amounts of storage and space. We have great landlords. The move went smoothly.

Kyle is still really liking his job. For the first time in our lives we aren't looking for something better. With the new move came a new church. We elected to switch to a church within our city. We were traveling back and forth to an amazing church in Kankakee but after much deliberation we decided we weren't able to fully devote our time and energy to a church we had to drive thirty minutes to. We now attend Trinity. It's an Evangelical Free church which is a change for us or rather a revisiting of a time gone by. Kyle and I both grew up Baptist which isn't a far cry from the doctrines of the Evangelical Free Movement.

Well it's the week of Thanksgiving and here's to me posting blogs more often. As for now... I think it's time to hit the hay. 2:30 on a Tuesday morning is perfect for bed, right?


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