July 11, 2010

New Day, New Baby, New Job, New House, New Life?

Well once again it seems the years have flown by. It's now 2010. So many things have changed since I last posted. We moved not once but twice. The first move was only an hour away from our apartment in Mackinaw City. We moved into a house in Gaylord, Michigan. The experience there was different. I cemented some great friendships, felt the disappointment of feeling all alone with no help, lacked the gumption to find a church where my family could belong. We moved into our run down rental in August and once again found ourself pregnant with our third surprise.

Now the story of my pregnancy with Caedmon is quite a story. We found out we were pregnant I want to say in July right before the move. We always move when we are pregnant. This was quite the surprise because I was still breastfeeding Chloe and not taking birth control. Well generally my body waits a while before becoming pregnant or at least it did between Connor and Chloe. Ky was planning on a vasectomy but never got around to it. So Caedmon came into existance. We were happy to still have my OBGYN, Dr. Guevara. She's an amazing woman, doctor, and mom. We started our prenatal visits. At first we found out we had too little fluid and I was told to take it easy. At our next appointment my fluid had drastically increased. We were also told we were having a girl, we named her Cordelia. At 32 weeks we found out we were having a boy. Hopefully the 12 weeks of calling Caedmon, Cordelia won't affect his growing psyche. Around January 2010 we found out the hospital I anticipated having Caedmon at was closing their OBGYN department entirely. We also discovered the hospital where my perfect OBGYN was transferring to wouldn't let her see patience until the end of March. On top of all this Kyle was offered a job in February down in Onarga, Illinois that was just too good to pass up. So in February we made another drastic change. We moved back to Illinois with me being extremely pregnant with two young children. The move was the most difficult we have made. Some day I may relay the story and offer some advice on how to move but not in this post.

On March 11, 2010 I went into the hospital because I was not only having contractions but could sense a popping sensation occuring where my previous c-section had occured. We went in and after some deliberation and consultation my spur of the moment delivery doctor made the call to do my c-section, 4 weeks before Caedmon's due date and one week prior to the scheduled amniocentesis which would check the condition of his lungs. Caedmon was a whopping 8lbs 12 ounces his only complication was the number of respirations he was making per minute were a little low. He's beautiful, healthy, and happy now.

As for the new job, Ky is now a Case Manager for a residential treatment facility for juvenile criminal sex offenders. Quite the change from Pizza Delivery Guy. It's an easier and yet a harder job. It's easier because he doesn't have to be on the go all the time and we are making enough money to pay the bills. It's harder because the job demands more of him intellectually. He comes home mentally drained instead of physically. But in order to pay the bills and have job satisfaction something has to be sacrificed. Now I'm officially a stay at home mom with three kids. Not really a new job for me but a permanent shift from dabbling in part time work to staying home all the time.

We got a great deal with our new home. It's kind of an apartment attached to a garage but it's actually a house. It's hard to explain unless you see it. It's 3 bedrooms but don't let that fool you it's quite small. We've been here nearly 6 months and it's still not fully set up. The size really makes it difficult for me to feel any sense of permanence. I miss having a fairly large home with lots of storage even if it was a bit run down. In fact I'm pretty sure our first apartment was bigger with it's two bedrooms than this place is with 3. However, the price was right and maybe once the boxes are gone we can call this place home.

Well I must be going for now, Caedmon is calling.


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