May 16, 2011

Top Ten Benefits of Homeschooling

This is not my own. It's from The Everything Homeschooling Book by Sherri Linsenbech. But I find it helpful to remember why it's so beneficial to do home education.

1. Homeschooled children receive a well-rounded education that's suited to each child's particular learning style.

2. Families draw closer together when their days are filled with home education and learning activities.

3. One-on-one attention provides instant feedback and quick assessments of teh child's strengths and weaknesses.

4. Homeschooling encourages creativity and hands-on learning that makes education fun and memorable.

5. Less stress and fewer sicknesses result in healthy, happy children.

6. Children have freedom and flexibility in pursuing topics and areas of interest that truly matter to them.

7. Homeschooling leads to proper social skills, high maturity levels, and the ability to interact with people of all ages.

8. Homeschooled children are self-motivated, self-reliant, self-confident, and eager to keep learning.

9. Many colleges and universities actively seek out and welcome homeschooled students.

10. Children develop true enjoyment of learning that lasts a lifetime.

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