May 16, 2011

The day is still young.

Yet another of the many amazing aspects of homeschooling. Your children get more done in less time.

Today Connor did a couple of workbooks pages on numbers. He's mastered his counting. He can count and count and count. Not sure how high he can count but he usually stops around three or four hundred because he gets bored. We printed out maps at this great website (Map making link is to the right). He colored a map of the United States. The water he colored blue, Canada and Mexico were colored brown, our own state was dark green, his grandma's state was oranged, and the rest of the USA was light green. He also colored a map of Illinois. Making it the same color as Illinois on his USA map so he could find it when he wants to look at it. Connor also played on the computer for about an hour this morning. Working on his technological navigation skills, playing a game based on matching, and a few others. Funbrain is a great resource for educational games on the web.

Chloe worked on coloring in her Dora coloring book. She has been learning the names of the crayon colors as she colors with them. So far we've mastered purple, pink, and green. She loves doing "homework" when Connor is working on his.

We still have our science lesson to read, a few books to read, and we will spend sometime talking about the weather (since that is what we are learning in our science lesson). We also will spend some time practicing our soccer and just having a great time being a family.

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