April 13, 2012

Good Morning Schedule!

I know the point of a schedule is to put consistency in kids lives. I full heartedly believe in having a routine. We have tried a few different ones but haven't quite found the one that fits with our life. It's hard when each kid has a different productive time but we are working it out.

My daughter is the get things done when she wakes up kind of girl. She's generally pretty helpful but in the morning she rocks out the homework. She's focused and she's 3. Today she completed 8 pages when she was only assigned 6. Super productive!

My oldest is a work on something all day til it gets done type. He so interested in the world around him. When he gets focused watch out because he could finish an entire workbook in one sitting but he's easily distracted on most days.

My youngest loves to learn. He wants to help his brother and sister but being two has it's disadvantages. He's been working on the alphabet song, singing, building, colors, and shapes. We have a good time and he loves to help.

It's so much fun to discover each child's work habits and try to cultivate the skills necessary for every day life. They are growing and learning so much every single day.

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