August 24, 2011

Day One-- Kindergarten

Homeschooling officially began for us today for the year.

Connor is a kindergartener but I use that tern loosely. We are ten pages from completing his kindergarten workbook. He's brilliant. Today he did over 10 pages in the workbook on his own. We've also done wrestling for physical education and now he's playing with our kinect practicing coordination.

It has come to my attention that I have three extremely gifted children. All of which have officially started schooling today. Chloe is doing prekindergarten. Mostly we are sticking with flash cards and coloring pages. She helps take care of the garden and we talk all day about varying aspects of many many subjects.

Caedmon is attempting to master walking. He wrestles with the boys and is working on words. He's just learning how to color but it's taking time.

I'm so blessed to work with my three amazing children. Blessed and exceedingly excited to continue this journey.

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